With Death... Picture


Why must men be fearful of death?
He only carries out and brings about the fate of humankind put in his hands.
His power is fate, death himself.
Not everything in this world is eternal, and thus must be brought to an end.
But sometimes men's pride without honor is useless, and is not spared.

They can't even look into his eyes like I have?
Maybe is it because I was different, or is it because I'm lucky.

You don't call me those 'spared by Death.' I'm far from spared.
I'm eternally having my own fate intertwine with his, and living a life full of sorrow, suffering and darkness.
But it's what was written to be my destiny, should I complain?

If I am forever intertwined with this entity then why not join him?
Even 'till now I still question why he had become more human for my sake.
It was not mentioned of a bond in our infernal contract, never.

but I guess having to forever dance with Death is not too bad a destiny.
I've lived through it, and so has he. Living in his embrace for centuries made me call Death my love and refuge,

And made me unafraid to accept what awaits me in the end-
What awaits me in Gehenna's eternal hell.


WAIT MATSU PLEASE I DON'T UNDERSTAND. THOUGHT THAT'S SAMAEL AND NOT THE GRIM REAPER. Well, do your homework, mythology states that Samael was also considered to be the ANGEL OF DEATH or the GRIM REAPER. In short he is also death himself as a personified entity.

Though for my story I deviate from it a bit. He is a demon, but still retains his nicknamed regarding death.

BUT THESE BABIES, SAMALICE ; 3 ; I swear I can't take this sfasbiudas aughuaaaaa
They are just way too precious I'm sorry. And yes that is a younger (surely about 20's or 30's) Alice with Death!Samael. Yes, they are a couple. absfhlf
my babies. sdafaskdasdjl

Art, Alice Yakolev and Samael (c) Me



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