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Part Werewolf, part Demon, part Witch, Part Vampire - All Trouble.
A lot of Madam Ragnarok's past - including her birth name (if she was born naturally) - are not known and likely never will be. All that has been known about her is that for years, she has caused chaos across various realms and most notably seems to have a seething hatred for wolves.
Oddly enough despite her hatred, she claims she is a 'soul-daughter' of the monstrous wolf Fenrir, the eldest son of the Norse God Loki and who appears to Wolf-kind as their version of the Devil - (… ).

In the past, Madam Ragnarok has been trying to find ways to eradicate wolf-kind for good. Most recently, she acquired several magical artifacts that she planned to combine in order to manifest the 'Evil incarnation' of the Celtic Goddess Lilith ( journeyingtothegoddess.wordpre… ) before stealing her power for herself - hoping it would allow her to eliminate all before her.
The 'evil incarnation' of Lilith was created by Judaism - their attempt to twist this powerful Celtic deity from the brave and fair protector of mothers and their children into a demoness who was the wife of the devil, the mother of vampires and the ugly hag who would kill newborns in their sleep.
However, destiny and fate had a different plan.

Moonlight - the Goddess of the Wolves - appeared to one of her children, Jake Tyler Wolfe, in his dreams and warned him of Madam Ragnarok's plans. Arming himself, the young warrior set off to stop her.
He arrived in time and was able to stop the evil witch from manifesting the dark incarnation of Lillith, before battling Madam Ragnarok in a pitched conflict. Despite suffering notable injuries from battling the demon sorceress with all her magic prowess, the young warrior Jake managed to see her off.
Injured herself but wanting to have the last word, Madam Ragnarok declared she would have her revenge on Jake before disappearing into the sky.
At this point, the Celtic Goddess Lilith appeared before Jake - congratulating him on his victory before giving him a reward for his actions. What this reward was, only Jake knows.

Alternate Future - Majestic Takeover
For a long time, Madam Ragnarok never bothered Jake again. However, not long before Majestic began their assault on the various realms and worlds, Madam Ragnarok was transported into one of their institutes.
There, she was promised great power and completion of her desire to make wolf-kind extinct if she led some of Majestic's Legions into battle as a commander. Unable to resist her desires and with the thought of revenge against all those who had opposed her, Madam Ragnarok willingly accepted.

When Majestic began their assault, Madam Ragnarok led her legions into the wolves' realms - slaughtering thousands in mere hours. When she came face-to-face with Jake - in his full werewolf form due to his fury of so many of his people been wiped out - the two re-engaged each other in combat.
This time, however, the demon sorceress had an edge. Using Majestic's technology, she threw herself and Jake into a dream simulation she controlled, where she used her new god-like prowess and stripped him of his powers - causing him to revert back to his anthro form. Forced to rely on his warrior skills, Jake was thrown on the defensive as Madam Ragnarok sent a group of Shadow Troopers against him.
Jake fought long and hard, throwing everything he had at his enemies, but without his powers and with no way to escape he was doomed to fail. After a number of hours of nonstop fighting, Jake collapsed in exhaustion. One of his eclipse blades had been destroyed while his armour was shredded and his body bleeding heavily. In an insult to injury, Madam Ragnarok now entered the fray and attacked the helpless and drained warrior with her magic - taking on the illusionary form of Fenrir and smirking sadistically as Jake screamed in pain. Determined to let that agony be forever, her next action was the cruelest of all.

Using her powers, she imprisoned Jake within a dark magic crystal - keeping him in permanent pain while preventing him from aging or dying. With Jake now truly beyond hope, he was forced to watch as Majestic wiped out the remainder of his home and people.
After suffering this, Jake was taken to a Majestic base, where Madam Ragnarok intended to have him suffer for eternity as his immobile body was locked away - never to see his family or friends again, nor to join his fallen peoples on the other side.
When those who came looking for him arrived at the remains of his home, they found only his remaining eclipse blade along with his shredded armour, blood and partial flesh. Concluding Jake must have been killed, the group fled the area to avoid been killed by Majestic's patrols.
The remaining eclipse blade was taken to a hidden location in Dragonia, where it would be given to the final hope of all non-human life - with the prayers of those who remained that this 'warrior' would avert the terrible future that had come to pass...


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Made in Heromachine 3.
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