Norns Picture

The Norns ( Old Norse Nornir ) are in Norse mythology femal beings who rule the destiny of gods and men.

Three Nornsare mentioned by name : They are called Urd ( fate ) , Verdandi ( the becoming ) and Skuld (that ‘s supposed ) . Their names are considered Nordic equivalents of popular medieval conception concepts of time in the form of personifications of the past, present and future. Even if their names are young, they seem to go back to an old Germanic idea of ​​a nameless trinity of Fates .

After Völuspá (Song of the poetic Edda ), they dwell at the roots of the world ash Yggdrasil at the Urd-spring , the source of fate, after the Norne , Urd is named. Here they control the fate of men and gods .

from the edda:
"I know an Ash standing
called Yggdrasill,
A high tree sprinkled
with snow-white clay;
Thence come the dewsin
the dale that fall--
It stands ever green
above Urdr's Well.

Of these, women,
Three out of the lake
there under the tops.
Urd is, the one that
the other Verdandi:
They cut rods;
Skuld was the third.
They put lots,
life, they determined
And to the families of the people who
the fate of announcing.

Most sundered in birth
I say the Norns are;
They claim no common kin:
Some are of Æsir-kin,
some are of Elf-kind,
Some are Dvalinn's daughters."


i will write a fanfic to this.
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