Ordered Chaos Picture

First full painting in a while. Well, actually, a full painting that doesn't look like trash.

This actually started out as a doodle because I really want to use the prompt ~kakashiplushie gave me weeks ago, which was "fish." Then I went all out and came up with an interesting character design which could actually fit this one (minor) character of mine in the Equestrel comic. A few creeptastic additions later, Tiamat's final design is created!

In Babylonian Mythology, Tiamat is actually a chaos monster residing in the ocean. I twisted that a bit in my comic, making my version of Tia one of the Serpents, Creatures that dwell in the waters.

Serpents have no permanent appearance; they continue shifting involuntarily in some way (think: rainbow explosions.) They could control it and shape-shift into one existing form, but they would need permission from the actual person they'd like to shift to. They can also distort others' appearances, but the permission rule still stands. Keeping the form requires a lot of energy though, and so, they could only be in that form for a limited period of time.

They could also read others' desires which the Serpents use to their advantage. Once their prey is tricked and paralyzed... well, we all know what happens to prey.
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