Badb Goddess of War Picture

"Battle" - Irish Wargoddess, who appears as a crow in battle. She is a sister of Macha, Morrigan and Anu. In some contexts, Anu, Badb and Macha appear as a Triple Goddess of Fate, collectively known as Morrigan. Messenger of death.
>>Badb is the Irish (Celtic) Goddess of war. She often assumes the form of a raven or carrion-crow (her favorite disguise) and is then referred to as Badb Catha, meaning "battle raven". Not only did she take part in battles themselves, she also influenced their outcome by causing confusion among the warriors with her magic. The Battlefields were called the land of the Badb, and were often said to include the Badb taking part as a crow or as a wolf. She formed part of a triad of war-goddesses with Macha (Nemain) and the Morrigan.

Ok...heres some more facts that went into this picture

Red is one of the colors associated with war and hatred, red has many good sides, like luck, passion and love, but for now this is its bad side.

Notice the black swirls of her dress that keep going on to corrupt more of the war and people, almost towards the crow/raven sitting there, In Mythology she is said to influence the wars into her favor in the form of a Crow or maybe shes telling the little crafty crow something

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Some part of me thinks the little celtic things are a bit much, give me some input on that, But I DID want some color and some celtic designs in there and no other color really went in my mind. Gold was a little much and I was just trying to keep the wolves eyes gold...not everything...
so ok

Stock Lady:
Wolf: [link]
Raven: Dead People: self Made
Sky: [link]
Dress Swirls: Hair brushes I made surpriseingly XD
Hair: Brushes I made
Jewel on the dress up front:
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