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Saya, the Valkyrie of Sleep and Time, also known as the Valkyrie of the Sands. Saya is Valhalla mother, however during certain circumstances, she refuses to reveal who she is especially with the visor keeped over her eyes. Before the attack on the Light Temple, Saya was watching her husband fight for both her and her little Valhla, a nickname for Valhalla. Even after their marriage men have constantly challenged her husband so that they would be leader or pretty much head of the temple, marrying Saya will grant you that right for her family was the one that built the temple and the village around it. Saya, for every fight would teach Valhalla to hold her emotions during these situations so as to not distract the person you want to win, some have also challenged her daughters hand as well, sadly she is only six years old but the men of the village and temple do not care and just wished to hold the power. However in just five minutes Saya husband, Eirian, finished it with no sweat, being as he is the strongest man nay warrior in the whole village, just like her father. Saya from time to time would train herself in the way of the sword for if Eirian does loose, she wants to make sure no one violently hurts her little Valhla. She also, everyday, takes Valhalla to the temple to pray and clean any messes, if there is any. The morning of the attack, Saya felt some sort of ominous feeling in the air, but not sure why, she told Eirian and he was having that same feeling, until they turned to see Valhalla laughing and playing in the yard with the priestess. Just in case they wanted to make sure the small cellar in front of the Aura statue was all set for any immediate danger, for it is only for Valhalla safety. Several hours later the clear blue sky over head became dark and violent, and a jet black star came shooting out from them. Once it struck down, the black mist dissipated and revealed a young man, he did not speak, all he did was raise one hand in the air and pointed it forward. Immediately monsters stated appearing behind him and rushed the village then moved onto the temple and were killing all in site. Saya and Eirian carried Valhalla in to the temple and closed the door behind them, they rushed over to the statue and raised the floor in front of it and Put Valhalla in the small cellar, before closing the door the both looked at her and said that they love her very much, and if anything were to happen to them to not wish for vengeance, for nothing good will come of it, Valhalla nodded in agreement for she remembered the lesson her father gave her about revenge. They closed the door and immediately the door behind them broke open and stepped for the man from earlier and said, "You weren't thinking about escaping now were you, for it is futile." Eirian rushed at the young man sword in hand, fight off blow after blow but the man was to Eirian surprise to fast for him and the young man dealed a fatal blow to his heart. Saya was shocked to see her beloved husband fall to a man such as him, she tried to calm herself down by closing her eyes. The man gave a menacing laugh that scared Saya, and immediately lunged at him, as he blocked her first hit he yelled, "You think a human such as yourself could defeat a god, I am Loki and you are nothing!" He swung her back and Saya hit the statue of Aura and landed on the cellar door, Saya just realized it was there and saw Valhalla through the cracks and shed one tear and was stabbed in the back by Loki. Huge amounts of blood came pouring out from Saya, before she drifted off to death she heard the man say one last thing, "Destroy this whole place, this is what she gets by tacking someone I love." Then nothing, Saya soul just stood there, hoping Valhalla would leave the cellar but forgot her body lies on top of the door, then she was met by a black and white winged angel and asked her, "Your bravery to protect your daughter has made you worthy of becoming a Valkyrie, do you accept?" Saya looked at her for just a second and asked, "What about my daughter? I can't just leave her." The woman replied, "Do not worry about Valhalla, a different fate awaits her." Confused about what she meant, she wasn't sure if she would or should, maybe by using this new power she could better benefit by protecting and watching over Valhalla, so she took one last breath and accepted her offer to become a Valkyrie.

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