The Norns Picture

We do not create fate. We do not fabricate it. We do not control it.

We see what could be. The Well shows us what may be.

We know the humans best. We know their patterns. They are predictable…and yet, at times, surprising. In the great chasm of time, so many things slip through. We see what the humans make and think and do the second it happens. But we take our time. We need not hasten our work. We record the history of Midgard, and its ties to these Nine Realms, amongst others.

We calculate what may happen. We estimate the probability. We ponder.

The Æsir...they are wrong to worship us, as they have been worshipped. We are not gods. Yet the cycle keeps turning on itself, as it always must. We guard the tree and the threads, the roots and twine, moving ever nearer to the ending. Ours and theirs.

Soon. But not today. Not tomorrow. Not in a thousand years. Soon.

We do not dwell on the possibilities, we measure them.

We do not dwell.

~Models for my Norns: Amandla Stenberg as Verdandi, the Maiden; Zoe Saldana as Urd, the Mother; and Nichelle Nichols as Skuld, the Crone. I've made them three aspects of the same woman, as the Mother Goddess is in ancient cultures. (Also, the tapestry is of the Lady and the Unicorn series.)

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