Rama and Sita are exiled Picture

Last November I did some illustrations for my portfolio- these are some simple black and white images, I wanted to show some examples of images similar to the kinds you get accompanying older children's fiction ^^
I did four images based on the Ancient Indian epic, The Ramayana, and I thought I'd upload my two favourite images =3

This image is based on the part where Prince Rama and his wife Sita are exiled into the forests.
Rama's step mother is jelous of the prince, and asks her husband, King Dasharatha, to banish Rama and Sita from the Kingdom. Dasharatha, being a noble man, cannot refuse his queen, who he owed a favour as she once saved his life. He reluctantly banishes Rama and Sita, and although many protest, the equally noble Rama insists that he could not disrepect the wishes of his father and step mother, and so peacefully accepts his fate. His loyal wife and brother follow him into the forests.
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