The Rissa Picture

This is a mythological being of Draconic lore, a beautiful dragon spirit who protects mothers and children. Her name, Rissa, means Mother so she is often invoked with an honourific of 'the' becoming Ka'Rissa.

As a protector of mothers and children, she is often seen as a great serpent with arm-wings coiling around eggs. She nurtures embryos before they hatch, and even before they are laid, feeding them future wisdom through the beads that hang beneath her body. When 'her children' hatch she watches over them and keeps them safe, unless their fate has destined otherwise. She is also responsible for the maternal instinct mothers feel. The sudden urges are often called 'The Rissa's Whispers.'

The Rissa keeps watch over all her children, even to old age. In death, she does not mourn them. Rather, she celebrates their life and honours their actions.
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