Trinity Picture

Art trade with mal-am [link] who asked me to draw any one of her characters. I chose these guys, which is cheating, because they are real gods of Sulod. To wit, Manlaegas (left, back) Patag'aes (center, front) and Mangganghaw (right, back).

What these three do is 'attend' the birth of a newborn child (redundant, isn't it?), with Mangganghaw peering inside the hut the moment a woman gets into labor; Manlaegas making sure if the child is alive or not and Patag'aes coming in secretly to talk to child and ask them how and when they want to die. (Sort of like male Fates, aren't they?)

mal-am actually tells a wonderful story with these three (mainly Patag'aes, though) in it, and I am pestering her to get it revised aleady.
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