I Thought You Loved Me Picture

Another pony piece.

I decided to do a bunch of pony pictures for creepy pony games and fanfics I am fond of. This is one for the fanfic based on a song, "Rainbow Factory", which explains how rainbows are made.

I'm SOOO sorry for all these white backgrounds. I was too lazy to paint one beforhand and now I'm paying for it.

So, that's Scootaloo to the right and a fan-made pony who meets a pretty nasty fate next to her named Orion. Yeah, that's how I draw colts.

I LOOOOVE using MyPaint. It rocks, woohoo.

Now a rainbow's tale isn't quite as nice
As the story we knew of sugar and spice
But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it
With the help of the magic of a pegasus device

Let's delve deeper into rainbow philosophy
Far beyond that of Cloudsdale's mythology
It's easy to misjudge that floating city
With it's alluring decor and social psychology
But with all great things comes a great responsibility
That of Cloudsdale's being weather stability
How, you ask, are they up to the task
To which the answer is in a simple facility

In the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true
In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through

"Rainbow Factory" by Wooden Toaster
Listen To The Song
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