Avaykn-Necessitas Picture

Necessitas, alias Ananke, alias Adrasteia, was the primarily force that was able to arm the whole universe, and to establish the Fate of every single life form, even thousands years before its birth.
There was a time where Humans used to adore Ananke, but gradually they forgot her, asserting that their fate was assigned only by their choices, and not by some Divinity's hand.
Necessitas, besides, lost her power a lot of millenniums before, after have decided the whole Universe's fate, so he began to stay apart and observe with her sons, the Supreme Kai.
But she started to be tired, her eternal life slowly become an infinite agony.
So she called the most powerful Prince on the Earth, Ananke (that was called like the Goddess for homage), and offered him the eternal life and the Immortality (even as a special price for his victory during the Demon War). She forecasted his destiny, and told him that there was a way to change it.
That way was to respect a promise.
Then, she finally died, disappearing, saiyng that she was no more necessary.

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