"Gilles le Breton" Picture

In the dreadful days before the reconing, a young Bretonni duke called Gilles de Bastonne, who had been quicker than the other dukes to gather his Knights together into an army prepared his men for the final fight against their green skinned enemies. They had bravely fought for weeks but their enemies forces were superior. Gilles' army camped beside a small lake in the margins of the Forest of Chalons. Although during the last days Gilles' men were joined with the remains of the armies of several other dukes they all knew that the upcoming battle would be their last. To great was the Orcish army they had to face. The next day would decide the fate of the lands of the Bretonni. When dawn came and they saw in the first sunlight that the lake was enshrouded in a swirling mist. Suddenly, the vapours rising from the water condensed into the form of a maiden of unearthly beauty. Gilles and his Knights were awestruck by this vision. The Maiden held a gleaming chalice overflowing with light which cascaded down like liquid into the water of the lake. It was Gilles who had the courage to step to the shore of the lake and to drink from the water of the lake. As he drank, new courage filled his heart and he took a look at his tattered banner and then held it towards the vision and asked it to bless it. He dipped the blood-drenched rag into the lake and when he raised it again, the entire host of Knights gasped. They looked at a new, gleaming banner bearing the image of this Lady of the Lake. The other dukes came to Gilles and asked him to command them into their final battle. As the rays of the sun lit the waters of the lake, the vision began to fade.
With new courage filling their hearts, the knights under the Command of Gilles prepared for the final battle. The horizon ahead of the knight was darkened by the orcish hordes. Holding the Banner of the Lady before him, Gilles led his men into the battle and drove the Greenskins back. After fighting back the Orcs, the remaining dukes proclaimed Gilles "Leader of the Battle" at the lake where the Lady appeared the first time, which marked the origin of the Grail Knights and also the Kingdom of Bretonnia.
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