Zancoatl - Colossus of AIR Picture

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The Colossus of Air

Inspired by Winged Serpents and Feathered Serpents from Aztec mythology.

Done from scratch SPECIFICALLY for the contest in EXACTLY 7 days :

Day01- Referencing/ Modelling
Day02- Modelling
Day03- Sculpting
Day04- Sculpting/Texturing
Day05- Texturing
Day06- Rendering/ Compositing
Day07- Compositing/ Submission

- Autodesk Maya 2010
- Pixologic Zbrush 4.0
- Adobe Photoshop CS5

Thanks to ALL the friends that have supported me through my sleepless nights and gave me feedback and critiques so that I can improve it better~

Backstory :

The Zancoatl, was a myth carried through the generations. A massive serpent god who lives in the plane of Air, large enough to wrap itself around mountains and crush them with a force enough to shake the whole world. It travels through energy waves faster than light being almost invisible to the naked eye, only loud thunderous roars can be heard.

But one fateful day, a powerful Mage feast his ears upon this myth. Eager to view this magnificent creature, he researched and practice the magic of summoning rifts of Air. He could open small ones at first, and then bigger ones. Then, after many many years, he felt he was ready.

Climbing up on top of the highest mountain, he began casting his spell. He felt the wind around him raging with tempests and storms. Cyclones formed from the clouds. And then he saw the sky ripping apart as a bright blue light blinded him. A rift was formed before his very eyes, and something huge was coming out of it. Massive. Colossal. And the moment the mage saw what it was, he knew that the myth of the generations have been proven.....

..and he feared for his life.
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