Mugen High - Litta Picture

Okay, so, this is now the official Mugen High character sheet for Litta.


She is a Rusalka, mythical creature often appeared in Slavic mythology. You can find out more about Rusalki in general here -----> [link]
Although, Litta differs from the original belief.

- She is 17 years old
- Tall and curvy, which serves the primary motif of Rusalki's powers - to seduce and kill. HOWEVER, Litta is the only known peaceful Rusalka, who had no desire to kill anyone
- She has one problem: during the Rusalka Week (the wikipedia link above gives info on that), Litta somehow turns into a seductive, merciless Rusalka, showing her kind's true nature, wandering the hallways of the school during the night and dancing in the moonlight, singing. It is strongly advised to AVOID ANY CONTACT with her during that time, for it is not known what she is capable of
- Litta was supposed to inherit the throne as the empress of Rusalki, but fate led her to Mugen High, where she resides as one of the students
- Her powers are those of healing and regeneration, as well as water manipulation, and chanting.

More info (Serbian only, sorry) - [link]

Hope everything is okay... btw, the old drawing is going to (s)craps
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