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Three weeks in Africa and the world had gone topsy-turvy. England, Jane's home country had gone to war with one of its richest colony state: Elisland. It was so rich and so well situated in a location between Europe and Africa that England could not afford to loose it. But something had happened. The two were fighting each other and Jane, nor she suspected anyone else for that matter, knew the real reason except the leaders themselves.

After the main ship had come to the African jungle to pic up Jane and her father from their trip. They took a brief vacation in Morocco to relax from their exciting time studying wild gorillas. For her own reasons Jane decided to stay behind for a few more days and take the next ship out. Her father, however, had left for the port off Venice, Italy to visit an old friend.

Jane left for the same destination thereafter, only to come to realize too late that the ship she had traveled on was a vessel of Her Majesty's Navy in disguise. Early in the morning, Jane had awoken in her cott to the sound of 6 pounder canons and the slintering of wood. The R.L.S Legacy, a grand ship from the Elisland Navy, had found them out.

It was clear who had become the victor in this battle. It hardly lasted ten minutes as the ship Jane had boarded was wrecked beyond repair. Seven survived besides herself. six officers and one civilian. All of them bound and awaiting their fate.

"And who's this?" Said the Feline Captain, looking at the young Englishwoman.

"She was aboard the Sails Roger during the attack, Captain." Replied a rock-faced burly first officer.

"Your name and occupation?" The feline asked.

"Jane Porter. Civilian." Jane replied.

"What business does a civilian have aboard a war vessel?"

"None. I'm a zoologist and veterinarian. I have no interest in this war of yours."

"Zoologist? Veterinarian?"

"As I said."

"So you did. Well then." The feline took a step closer. "We may have some use of you. As a civilian you are not bound by the same rules as those officers." The cat motioned to the tied men behind her. "You have two choices. You can join them in the brig for the rest of the voyage or you can remain topside and aid our Doctor with the wounded."

"Don't you have nurses for such things?" Jane asked. How could such a well established war ship be without nurses?

"We lost ours in the previous engagement. Do you have an answer?"

"..." Jane hesitated. If it was war between Jane's country and hers, should really be helping them? Then again, she had just said she carried no interest for the war and how could she ignore those who needed help to save lives?

"Ms. Porter?" The Captain said. Warning in her voice.

"... Very well. Where is your sick bay?" Jane relented.

"Mr. Arrow, show our new nurse to the infirmary." The Captain ordered. "I'm sure Dr. Doppler would be happy to have a helping hand."

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Something that came into my head. I wonder how well it reads. In this version space travel is not possible. However Captain Amelia, other members of her crew, and people around the world have animal characteristics. Kinda like how in Greek mythology the main species were human but there were centaurs, fauns, mermaids etc too. Same thing. Just antro people instead of aliens like in Treasure Planet.

Screencap manip I did from pics on google plus some painting over/edits and cloud background. Wish I could take full credit but I can't.

Might continue with this, might not. Its a diferent story though than the previous two pictures I did of Amelia and Jane.
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