"Gloin Son Of Groin" Picture

Dwarf of Thorin & Company; father of Gimli. Gloin, son of Groin, was born in 2783. His older brother was Oin. They were of the line of Durin. After the Battle of Azanulbizar in 2799, Gloin accompanied Thrain and Thorin Oakenshield in their wandering until they made their home in the Blue Mountains. Gloin's son Gimli was born in 2879.
In 2941, when Thorin and Gandalf came up with a plan to retake the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the Dragon, Gloin was one of the thirteen Dwarves in the party. Gloin's hood was white. Gloin and his brother Oin proved useful on the quest because they were especially good at making fires. Gloin did not think much of their prospective burglar Bilbo Baggins at first, saying, "He looks more like a grocer than a burglar!" (Hobbit, p. 26) But as the quest proceeded and Bilbo began to show his worth, Gloin gained respect and affection for the Hobbit.

After the Battle of the Five Armies, Gloin remained at the Lonely Mountain, and the Dwarves there prospered. But some grew restless, and in 2989, Balin led a group of Dwarves on an ill-fated mission to Moria. Around 3017, a messenger from Mordor came to the Lonely Mountain seeking information on Hobbits and the One Ring. Gloin and his son Gimli traveled to Rivendell in October of 3018 to warn Bilbo of the danger and to seek advice from Elrond. At Rivendell, Gloin met Frodo Baggins and attended the Council of Elrond. Gloin's son Gimli was chosen as a membership of the Fellowship of the Ring.
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