Valkyrie Picture

Model: Valeria Gladysheva
Dress: Krystell Barraza
Corset Belt: Karen von Oppen
Assistant: Chris Chetwood
Photography: `Kendra-Paige

Valkyries, in Norse mythology, are often represented as maidens who choose those warriors who are to be slain on the battlefield. Not only are they often ethereal figures accompanied by ravens, but they are often depicted as daughters of royalty. In the more romanticized tales of monarchies, its the knights who give a particular brand of intrigue to the notion of nobility. Valkyries are those female knights, the basis of legends that inspired many kings and queens whilst they sat upon their thrones, or led their armies toward victory.

With over a month of planning and every detail ready to go, fate has a way of turning all of one's carefully laid plans on its head. Perseverance stood as the victor in the end, and despite all of the roadblocks that stood in the way, I'm glad that I still have an image to show for all of the trials and tribulations.

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