Phantom Queen: Badb Picture

Mythology category WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?! *breathe*

Right. So. Apparently I do a lot of triptych's these days, but this time it's a bit overdue. I'm working on three for my patroness now, and it's quite a difficult process. Especially since she's a little sour over the fact that I finished Brigid's first. Oi.

For those people who are looking at this and going "Uh?", she is one of the Morrigan, which is a title. Badb was one of the Morrigan who was (is) especially known for her tendency to shift into a "battle crow" and fly shrieking over Irish battlefields to instill fear into her enemies. Badb is also known for washing the clothing and armor of warriors who were fated to fall the following battle.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, the Morrigan, as there is no one singular Morrigan. She is largely tripartate, but there are more than one set of three. It's complicated. *rubs temples*

SO TO SIMPLIFY, we have Badb up to bat first, in her Battle Raven form. I have Anand and Macha in the works, and I think at least one of them might surprise you. (in fact I might surprise myself and make four to include Nemain. depends on if I find the right model.)

MY HUGEST THANKS to the following stock artists:

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