Man-Wolf ~Rage of the StarGod~ Picture

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Man-Wolf/Col. John Jameson Jr./StarGod is a complicated character, from the Spiderman franchise, whose concept I adore.

John found a strange stone, the calcified heart of another universe's god on our moon. The stone grafted itself onto his throat, so John is doomed to transform into a hollow echo of the dead StarGod, manifesting only the demigod's power and rage while on Earth, essentially transforming him into a werewolf.

Later on in his storyline, John finds a portal to the Stargod's home, the Other Relm, where he finds himself in a land of swords, sorcery, and impossible physics. It is in this Other Relm that John comes to understand his curse, and discovers means to control the beast. He also was married to She-Hulk for a time.

Neat stuff, especially the implication that since the lupine Stargod died on our moon may be the source of the lunar connection to lycanthropy on Earth.

I love obscure and unknown characters, particularly complicated ones that create their own mythology. I tried to tell as much about him as I could with this image. The spiderwebs indicate his Spiderman villain origin, the vines twisting around him represent his inescapable fate, that he is bound to transform when the stone affixed to his throat is bathed in moonlight. His right eye burns with the rage and power of a demigod, while his still human left eye weeps for those who may fall to the Man-Wolf's fury.

Thank you for taking a look!
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