Green Sorceress Picture

Third and final image in my sorceress series, I give you the Green Sorceress. There was an underlying theme to all three, I don't know if anyone caught said theme? The theme was based off of the Norns which are the Goddesses of Fate in the Norse/Germanic (Viking) religion. Urd, Verthandi and Skuld weave the fate of all mankind. Urd, the elder goddess, in charge of the past and leader of the Norns is the green sorceress, Verthandi, whose charge is the present is the red sorceress and Skuld, responsible for the future is the blu sorceress.

As we see the green sorceress here in another part of the castle, hearing her sisters fighting in another part of the dungeon wonders, "Wonder if those two will ever grow up?"

Inspiration for images drawn on the Norse myths and an anime series titled "Oh My Goddess!"
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