Divine Beasts Picture

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Finally got myself to upload them 'D ...
12 character designs for my current RP with my best friend.

We've created a story around
mythological beasts</b> from all the world. These beasts are fighting each other since their birth. When they eventually die, they will be reborn as human and one day reawaken to start the war again. It's a never ending circle in which the fate of the single beasts will repeat itself.
Beside their human and original beast forms, they have mixed appearence, a half form. They are depicted in my drawing.

I loved the idea and had to try some designs ... and it didn't took long for me to draw the 12 beasts you see above. Some are still missing, but I will surely draw them too. Also, this was Leviathan's first design, but we decided for him to be an adult too, so he will get also a new artwork. I should also do their human forms too ... one day, maybe ... xD

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