Your mine now Picture

Ok settle down with a mug of... something... while I tell you a story...

In Irish mythology there was a hero in Ireland, Cu Culainn (the hound of culann), he was widely known and loved.
He was very much sought after by women, this of course he didn't mind at all.
Cu Culain fought against the advancing army of Queen Mebd, single handed! (The men of Ulster where under the Curse of Macha, where at their more dire time of need, they became defensless)...
Morrigan (the goddes of death on the battlefield) became quite interested in Cu Culainn, but he rejected her advances, sealing his fate.
When he died she landed on his shoulder in the form of a crow to take his soul to the otherworld.

Soooo what I was thinking in this is, he happy cause although hes dead, at least she's someone he knows here to comfort him...
Pointy ears!!!! Cmon I had to have some in there somewhere Can you see Mebd herself as a silouette behind Morrigan's head?
This was ink and faber castell pencils... and alot of elbow wrist was im-movable for a day after doing this.
I know about the mistakes in this one (her hand, her big nose+forehead) as G graciously pointed them out.. grrr
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