blaming Fate Picture

I apologize for my crapfully crap handwriting and the crapful scanning job.

This is a comic I drew while we were reading The Odyssey in class last year. It's from the Telemachia, where Telemachus (Odysseus' son) goes looking for his father. During his journeys, he visits Nestor and a bunch of people. He teams up with his buddy Pisistratus to visit Menelaus and Helen (who is once again Helen of SPARTA), who are marrying their daughter Hermione off to Achilles' son, Neoptolemus (or Phyrrus, if you prefer). Hermione, however, is in love with Agememnon's son Orestes. *blinks* I think I got that right. It's been a year. ^_^ Please ignore any name mixups or misspellings.

I shall write all the dialogue here in case it's unreadable no matter how you view it:

Telemachus: Hey, Hermione! What's goin' on with all the party stuff?

Hermione: Only my BIG, FAT GREEK WEDDING!

Pisistratus: Don't worry about her, dude. She just wanted to marry Orestes.

Telemachus: Oh.

Hermione: How is it that my cousins and I are used as LEVERAGE and LIED TO and PROMISED without our knowledge while my MOM can run off and get married THREE times?! HOW?!

Pisistratus: Ummm...Fate?

Telemachus: Yeah, let's blame Fate!

Hermione: *sniff* Orestes better get rid of Neoptolemus soon...
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