Amorra Week - Secrets Picture

Amorra Week

Day 3 - Secrets

Korra has a secret little crush on hot Teacher Mr. Amon and is about to give him a little love letter, but then rethinks her decision... well, but fate had a different plan with her... x'D

It was so much fun to draw all the crazy faces Korra makes here x'D
I hope this little comicx is funny enough for you guys, well at least I had a lot of fun with it.

Hm, what else to say?
Amon is his surname here, so it's Mr. Noatak Amon... lol
Curious Lin is curious.
She and Mr. Amon are kinda rivals and have some ironical discussions about anything.
And everyone weras ties because I love ties :I
These four characters are also the characters on my first LoK fanart.
I have no clue what Mr. Amon has planned for Korra :>

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