Some of My Favorite Characters Picture

These are a few of my favorite characters from the anime that I’ve watched. If you have not seen the list of anime that I’ve watched it is here [link]
I thought about drawing all the characters myself. But then it would be even harder. Even with pictures from the anime, this is not easy, so I’ll give you clues.
There is a hero, main character, in each column.
4 of these should be viewed by older people, I was not when I watched a few of them. 2 in the first row, and directly below them are the other 2.

now only 2, 7, and 9 remain. all should be viewed by older people but i was not when i viewed 2 and 7. But i was use to all the blood and everything from watching dbz. the sex, i'm still not comfortable with

1. he works with bugs. Ginko from Mushi-shi !May-Moon
2. I was thinking of putting another picture in there for that character, but it would be too hard to identify cause it is his full suit, and the name of his suit is the title. And only appears in the manga. I would love to show you but it has everything.
3. They are one person who kicks ass. Tiara from Shamanic Princess ~crazyxangel
4. One word, badass. Saeko from High School of the Dead ~iSuperPerson
5. She represents Medusa from Greek Mythology. Rider from Fate/Stay Night =Razorbladekiss001
6. He rides this awesome machine Raven from Zoids Chaotic Century *xmemoriesXofXnobodyx
7. Marlene Angel from Blue Gender ~sarah54589
8. She has been trying to get back at the person who stole her title. Nonononn from Magical Play ~animagic610
9. Has seen countless people die before him, even his best friend. Kei Kurono from Gantz *Inakni
10. He is going against the system Kazuma from s-CRY-ed ~ZeroWingedKnight

each correct guess, earns you 5 points. if one person correctly guesses all 10, then i would be surprised. and any person the guesses correctly can either take the points or request a drawing from me.

i do not own any of these, they belong to their original owners.
meme is by *tsulala [link]
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