Together forever Picture



Long ago,

When Gods were still living on earth with mankind,

Zhurong, God of Fire, made three zithers out of wood of Mount Yao.

They were called Huanglai, Luanlai and Fenglai.

Zhurong cherished them very much,

Especially Fenglai.

He played with Fenglai frequently,

Which made Fenglai a spirit.

The spirit had a form of mankind,

And could speak with Zhurong.

Zhurong was so delighted

That he requested Goddess Nuwa to bring a true life to him.

Zhurong treated him as his son,

And named him Prince Changqin.


Prince Changqin was soft and quiet.

He enjoyed playing zither in Mount Yao,

Thus making good friends with Qianyu,

A water snake living there.

Though Qianyu was vulnerable,

He considered himself unique

That one day he would become a great dragon.

He promised Prince Changqin

That he would carry Changqin around the world

As long as he could fly freely in the sky as a great dragon.


Hundreds of years passed by.

King of Gods, Fuxi, became so unsatisfied with mankind

That he decided to take all gods to the Heaven,

Leaving human behind.

Prince Changqin didn’t want to leave.

He loved the life in Mount Yao,

But had to bid farewell to Qianyu.

It took three hundred days for the gods to build the Heavenly Palace.

After all was over,

Prince Changqin went to Mount Yao

Only to find Qianyu vanished.

He then realized that

One day in heaven equals one year on earth.

Three hundred years had elapsed.

He could not see Qianyu any more.


Time flies.

Thousands of years later, a black dragon appeared in the south,

Causing trouble while playing in the southern sea.

The dragon hurt the god who was sent to punish him,

Fleeing into Mount Buzhou.

God of Fire, God of Water and Prince Changqin

Were sent to capture the dragon.


The dragon was formerly water snake Qianyu.

What’s more,

The three gods accidentally destroyed the Pillar in Mount Buzhou,

Which was key to holding up the heaven.

The collapse of the Pillar brought a serious disaster to the whole world.


It took all gods a long time and great efforts

To rescue the world from the disaster.

Qianyu was punished to be subordinate to Goddess of Chishui,

Deprived of freedom.

Zhurong and Gonggong were

Thrown into prison for a thousand years.

Prince Changqin was descended from the Heaven,

Becoming an ordinary human being.

He was no longer immortal,

And was cursed to be lonely forever

In his life time.

Thence in Heaven,

a black dragon Appeared,

a talented zither player Disappeared.


The body of Prince Changqin was destroyed,

But his sprint was left lingering in Mount Yao.

A craftsman of Longyuan clan, Jiaoli, caught his soul

And split it into ten parts.

He fashioned the core part and other four into an evil sword.

The remaining parts of the sprint in agony attached to Jiaoli’s newly-born son,

Escaping the doom to fade out.

Jiaoyue often stared at the sword in his childhood,

Seeming to be telepathic with it.

Later, the evil sword was taken away and sealed

By Goddess Nuwa.

Jiaoyue suffered from losing the sword,

thus committed suicide.


Like as a river always goes forward, so does time.

No matter what happened,

The prosperity and collapse of Longyuan clan,

The evil sword, even the great disaster,

All faded away in the river of history.

So is the fate of Prince Changqin.

Time is as long as an infinite river.

Nothing is eternal.

Only I

Was left in the rift of time

In endless solitude.
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