The Tree of Life Picture

Alright, this one probably deserves some explaining. You see, I am a HUGE FAN of mythology. I find the legends and stories of all cultures to be incredibly interesting, especially those involving dragons. And while reading one of my mythology books, I stumbled upon a legend in Norse myth about the Tree of Life.

In the Norse world there is a mighty ash tree that links the universe together. Down in its roots is the realm of ice and death, and above its branches is the realm of the gods. The tree is kept alive by three norns, (The fates) representing Past, Present, and Future. They water the tree from a well to keep it alive. And down in the roots of the tree, a monstrous wyrm known as Nidhoggr gnaws and bites at the roots, trying to kill the tree. And up in the branches is a bird. A squirrel runs up and down the trunk of the tree, exchanging insults between the bird and Nidhoggr, like playing telephone. It is said that the day Nidhoggr finally chews through the roots of the tree will be the beginning of Ragnarock. (I hope I spelled that right XD)

So anyways, here is my devotion to this wonderful legend.

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