Jo Ayara's Eventual Fate Picture

One last artwork I drew today of my my new Fan-Character for Maho Shoujo Madoka Magika, Jo Ayara. This one depicts what shall soon happen to her, as an unfortunate result of her Contract with Kyubey.

As much as Jo enjoys all that she has been through after making a Contract with Kyubey, it will have a very unpleasant outcome in the end. Even a girl as playful and optimistic as she is cannot avoid falling into despair forever. When that day comes, her Soul Gem will become a Grief Seed, and she will undergo a transformation into a monstrous being known as a Witch.
The Witch she will become is Quitterie, the Needle Witch.

That's another part about Jo that's rather important. Jo is my depiction of what Quitterie, the Needle Witch, from the Maho Shoujo Madoka Magika PSP game was like before she became a Witch. Quitterie does fit into Jo's persona very well too. The Kyubey mask of Quitterie Phase 1 is for how Jo was like a big-time supporter of Kyubey's cause, and Jo uses Needles and Needle Blades in her attacks, just like Quitterie. Also Jo's body disassembly references Saint Quitteria, a Mythological Saint whom Quitterie was named after.

I tried to make this look dark and ominous, as if foreshadowing an unfortunate future. Like she is enjoying her Contract with Kyubey, but soon that will take a turn for the worse. Jo Ayara is the one in the Maid Outfit, standing up front. The two beings behind her are both of Quitterie's phases, which I admit I just took off the screenshots of her, since I am not too good at drawing in the abstract-y style that Madoka Magika Witches are drawn in. The one on the left is Quitterie Phase 1, and the one on the right is Quitterie Phase 2. Yes, she is a Two-Phased Witch, much like Charlotte was too.
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