Ushi-Oni Jouster Picture

For Scatha's Jousting contest. I can't remember if I ever entered the last one so I decided to do something productive and get a picture out for the new year.

This is the creature in question:

Feasible background for this chap -

The 'Crimson General' is a revenant. An undead soul with a burning vengeance that won't stop until the source of his ire has been cut down. The general's death happened so long ago in lands far to the east that no one really knows how he died, only that he didn't stay that way. His armor constantly drips with fresh blood, coating him a permenant red color and thus giving him the moniker he's known for. The Crimson General has not entered the tournament of his own volition. He was sent here by the one who resurrected him has bound him to their service. It's not known if the Crimson General's master has anything to gain from winning the tournament, using it as a distraction for other aims or is simply bored. What is known is that the foreign warriors mount is a brutishly bizzare and savage youkai known as a Ushi-Oni. Likewise bound into service, the Ushi-Oni has a name so complicated that most simply call him 'Squint' as only those that speak the creature's tongue can actually speak it. Both rider and beast are working together because their master ordered them to in order to enter the tournament. While the Crimson General hardly says a word and seethes with barely restrained anger, Squint heckles and laughs and makes a general ass of himself at every opportunity. He particularly enjoys toying with and tormenting humans, as most of his kind are want to do. While they are often at odds, the duo make a powerful and dangerous team that has ruthlessly ploughed through the prelimanaries to the tournament proper.

How far they go now is up to the chaotic will of fate. Their enigmatic master is watching with interest.

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