Bringer of Fate Picture

Okay, so this is one of my most thorough re-paints of older work. This sculpture was part of a triad set of sculptures, but I grew exasperated with the boring colours and forms of that old series, and so it has since been broken up. You can see the old piece here…

I added an entire new texture to the surface of the piece (much more detailed) and chose a different colour scheme. I really love orange and green together, so I hope it doesn't look like a corrupted carrot. (Also, I have no clue why I had a base on it before...if it's a free-standing sculpture. Hmm?)

Length- head to tip of spike- Approx. 9 in.

Height- base to tip of spike- Approx. 5 in.


[Aluminium foil, paperclips (I had no wire)] [Original Sculpey, Thread] [Gel Medium, Acrylic Paints, Matte Spray]

Art © SB 2011/2013
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