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Goreagh: The Pillager
Far back in Japan’s history, when spirits and ghosts still roamed untamed and unchecked through out the land, a terrible oni rose from the mists of war and torment. This oni’s name was Goreagh. As strong as over a thousand oxen and as tall as the highest maple, Goreagh was feared by mortals and spirits alike. Goreagh knew he was no match for the greater spirits however, and was ever vigilant for an opportunity to increase his power. That opportunity came when a malignant lake demon named Tojobin, attacked a small village within his territory. Such blatant disrespect would not go unpunished but Goreagh was as crafty as he was powerful and watched villager’s futile attempts to appease and slay the mammoth turtle. Monks were eaten, priestesses were drowned and many villagers continued to be slain as Tojobin was intent on slaying all traces of life near the lake. In desperation they called to the heavens for deliverance…Goreagh answered. In his full form he appeared to them, cowing them into silence. In his rumbling tongue, he made them an offer: he would slay Tojobin, so long as he kept every part of the demon for himself. The villagers, incensed that the oni was not intent on deflowering their maidens or devouring their children, hastily agreed, unaware of what was about to transpire. As the next night fell, Tojobin rose from the lake to attack the village. Lumbering further and further inland the turtle demon was unaware of the brutish oni lurking in the shadows. The villagers had arranged a last desperate barrier between them and certain death, a barrier that Tojobin was intent on crushing. Unfortunately for Tojobin, the only one doing the crushing that night was Goreagh. Leaping upon the great turtle demon’s back, Goreagh pummeled Tojobin’s head like drum. The two demons raged across the ruins of the village, each attempting to destroy the other. Tojobin managed to latch onto Goreagh’s arm with his beak, intending to sever it. But Goreagh was stronger and tore Tojobin’s jaws asunder. Though his arm was badly maimed, Goreagh beat the lake demon’s skull until it shattered, slaying Tojobin. With victory seemingly at hand, the villagers cheered, only to see a dark haze rise from the body of Tojobin and enter Goreagh. Goreagh had played a terrible trick, fore without the exorcising rites of a priest to stop him, Goreagh was free to add Tojobin’s own terrible soul to his and gain his power. The might of two powerful demons became one and Goreagh’s maimed arm became an armored limb of frightening strength. The foul deed was not yet complete fore then Goreagh turned Tojobin’s nearly invulnerable body into a titanic war club. Imbued with great power, Goreagh laid waste to every being that ventured across his path and devoured many souls, growing larger and larger with each feast. He earned his title as ‘The Pillager’ for no thing remained unbroken in his presence. It was with great difficulty that the great monk Juzo, defeated and sealed Goreagh before he could devour the known world. His head scared by the final blow and his body and war club Tojobin sealed on opposite ends of Japan, for fear of them ever being reunited. But fate would hold a different plan for Goreagh as time erased man’s fear of the spirits and creation of a new shopping center outweighed the preservation of an ancient shrine…The Pillager walks again…and with him rises all the horrors and wonders of the ancient world.

For those that have read the Shimaku vs. Gayan Ahijit story, this is the monster briefly mentioned in chapter one, Shimaku's first opponent Goreagh. That fur around his waist is his, that isn't a pelt he's wearing. I figured that being of that size would probably limit his wardrobe quite a bit and its rather unpractical for a kaiju anyway. This guy is pretty much sheer brute force and lives to demolish shit just because he can. His only real weakness is his head as every thing else regenerates rather quickly. He's around Daimajin size for comparison, probably heftier.

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