Loki Picture

The son of giants, the trickster Loki took a blood oath to Odin the All-Father and became a god himself, though Loki's relations with the other gods were never stable. Often times Loki's pranks brought misfortune to Asgard and Loki himself had to fix them, usually with even more trickery. As befitting his devious nature Loki can assume any shape he fancies, though even that has brought him trouble.
Loki himself had many children with several partners. From the giantess Angrboda he fathered the monsters Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungand; by his wife Sigyn his ill-fated sons Narvi and Vali; and as a mare Loki mothered Sleipnir after "distracting" the magic stallion Svadilfari.

Eventually Loki's pranks went too far when he caused the death of the god Baldr. Baldr's mother Frigg made nearly every object in existence vow to never harm Baldr, mistletoe being the sole exception as it seemed utterly nonthreatening. Due to his near-invincibility, the other gods decided to throw all kinds of things at Baldr for fun. Loki fashioned a spear out of mistletoe and gave it to Hod to throw at Baldr, killing him. The gods tried to bring Baldr back from the underworld, but had to make everything in existence weep for him to do so. Loki once again interfered, turning into a giantess called Thokk and refused to mourn.
The gods eventually found out Loki was behind all this and imprisoned him below the earth, bounding him to stones (using his own son's guts!) and setting a snake to drip poison into his eyes for the rest of time.

Loki will slip free during the Ragnarok (the end times), and will finally meet his end dueling Heimdallr, but not without taking the guardian god out with him.
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