The Youngest Picture

'The youngest sister debated protesting again, but decided against it. Her sister, although well-meaning, was extremely stubborn and once she got it into her head someone needed her help... Well, she couldn't be deterred. Sometimes, her patronizing view on others was quite vexing, but it was how their mother had raised them. The youngest was glad she'd never taken her mother's attitude to heart.

She thought about the fate of the world her sister was dead-set on helping, and the murky future that it now held. The youngest sister was sure that it would end in disaster if her sister wasn't kept in check. She sighed and relented, deciding that she'd play along and keep her sister from messing up too badly. She held no misguided infatuation for the humans, but she wasn't cold hearted either.

"Alright, sister. I'll play along." she chuckled, "If you are the harvest, then I am the hunt. The trees flying past the chasing hunter and the weight of the falling kill will be my gifts. If you are a guardian of crops, then I will send famine and vermin, so they may learn to plan ahead for such things." The youngest paused, than continued.

"If you send sweet dreams then I will send nightmares, for it is dangerous in the dark, and to be fearless is to be stupid." She spat the last word like it tasted bitter, and look of disgust on her face. Her tone softened again as she continued.

"Children will learn of monsters, but, in turn, how to overcome them, and thus grow up without the death of hope. "

Her sister flinched at her condescending tone. "Why must you doubt me so? Why must you be so contrary?"

The youngest swelled with pride and smirked, "There must be balance. Unpleasantness is needed."

Ahhhhh, character flaws. My favourite. Even the good can be misguided, and even evil can be kind. Another drawing with a face, yay!

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