Contest Entry No. 02 Picture

Contest Entry #2
Artist: Ami
Title: Beyond Dead
Medium: Facebook Graffiti Application
Artist's Comments:

Yeah, I know, whenever anyone thinks mythology, they think Egypt, and then Anubis... but I really do love Egypt and Anubis icon Originally, I was going to draw Anubis, Horus, and Ammit in the Hall of Ma'at... but after my brother lost the tablet pen to the computer with Photoshop, I was discouraged and didn't want to do anything... but I really wanted to support the contest and InkBoard, so I just decided to do a picture on Facebook's Graffiti Application. I don't draw on there often, but on the few times I did, I enjoyed it; I don't know why, but I really enjoy drawing on there as opposed to other online mediums - it's just simple and easy to use. Anyway, here is my Anubis... I didn't draw all of his adornments, because I wanted him really simple and just "stripped down" to "him". He is holding the feather of Ma'at, ready to judge some poor fellow. Anubis probably knows the fate of the guy, so he's looking rather sorrowful, although I doubt Anubis goes through such feelings during the process. I originally wanted his body to be more angular, but it ended up being cherubic and round-ish... not particularly to my liking, but oh well. I had some complicated screenshot process going on here to get the separate pictures into one because I didn't have a program to combine them, so I hope you can appreciate it! Anyway, here is my entry; I hope it's good enough to suit the contest and I really hope other people join... and good luck to the other entrants!
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