Thread of the Moerae Picture

Touch of Clotho creates the life
Lachesis' judgement flows along
'til Atropos' knife severs the ties
And binds the fated to the dark realm

Meaning of title and poem
The Moerae are the Fates of ancient Greek mythos. The three (female) figures were believed to control the destiny of everything, even that of the immortal gods; they would spin a 'thread', a metaphor for the life of something. Clothlo would begin the process, Lachesis would determine how long the thread would be, and Atropos would cut the thread with 'abhorred shears', ending the life of the chosen. These three were most commonly portrayed as cold, unfeeling creatures. I try to convey this unfeeling nature in the picture.

I wrote the short poem to accompany this piece when it was created.

My interpretation: feel free to add yours!
As you can see, there are 'mini-threads' (top-right) that almost seem to branch off from the main one, but they all are stopped until finally the entire thread is cut. Also on the left side, a part of the person's destiny tries to escape but ultimately comes back just to be cut. I also find it interesting how it seems very jumbled in the beginning, and just as the person is sorting out their life it all ends.

I really, really like how this turned out; fits the mythology so perfectly.

Again, I messed around with Apophysis and I mutated my way to this beauty. Tweaked the gradient a bit then ran it through Photoshop and applied a color balance and blur which really make it shine in my opinion.
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