Point Adoptable Monsters Picture

Okay, so I've been working on a couple of drawings today alone. Which is the reason I've been pretty inactive today and considering other events that are going on in my life. Any who, I've decided to try to make some adoptables aaaaand here they are!

First come first serve.

They're being sold for $2.50 (250 points)

I'll tell you what's here!

1. Jack-o-lantern: Haunts during the silent summer nights. No one knows whether he was ever man, he appeared on night out of the blue.

2. Angel: She's gone AWOL from heaven though still looks innocent. She's a rather malevolent creature.

3. Zombie: I've decided to keep her...I fell in love with her.. I'm oh so sorry... ;^; no one gets my zombie..

4. Satyr: Normally found walking around the river Styx this Satyr is not like the rest of his kind. His skin was ripped off around his heart leaving it exposed with a part of his rib cage. The eye his head allows him to do what the three fates can do (without bickering over who keeps the eye) He can see into the past present and future. SOLD to
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