My skull of awesomeness. Picture

My tattoo of a Greek Titan who was left out of nearly all the mythological texts.

Peregrinus, The Wanderer, plague-bringer.

The predecessors to the gods, the titans, ruled everything between the earth and the heavens. Their reign lasted for eons before being overthrown by the children of Kronos. Lost and nearly forgotten by all, Peregrinus took no part in the battle between god and titan. Choosing to hide himself away and wait for the outcome to be determined.

With the gods victory and man kinds uprising. Peregrinus wandered the land in the shadows away from the eyes of the gods.

Many generations passed between sightings and the stories or unreliable at best. However every story contained one similarity between them. Those cursed with meeting the Wanderer, succumbed to untreatable fast acting illnesses.... then within hours of dying, the bodies rose up from death as something neither living nor dead. Those that feel prey to the undead met a similar fate and entire cities have been lost throughout the ages.

Done by Jason W at Trust Fate Tattoo in St. Paul MN.
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