Elemental Spherics Picture

The elemental-material dimensions enveloped by the pre-dimensional spheres of time:
The Empty Prison:

It is the way of the Wyrm to feed. All life serves its purpose. The life of one is the death of another. None are exempt from this pact. The whole of reality rests in its maw. There, it is slowly re-digested into nothingness. This must be.

The Wyrm feeds until only itself remains to be consumed. In that moment is the All-Devourer freed of its mirror-prison. Great Time's return marks the death of all-that-is. Even as Life requires Death, so does Death necessitate Life. This must be.

We are. Reality is. Life that now is was born of the death of what was. In the world before, pacts were made to ensure that Time -- that hypnotic vampire who is Death -- would again be imprisoned; that the Wyrm -- the eternal servant of the Void -- would again be bound. This was so.

"...my hunger -- a void I cannot fill."

Darktorch -- manifest materia of the Wyrm, once brightest amongst the stars -- long ago turned from the Light to feed. All anima, materia and essentia fell into its dark heart before it turned even on itself. There, the greatest forces of what once was were drawn together to be destroyed in union. There met the Fates in final council.

Great Mother, Heart of All, said: "Our sons are fallen and, with them, the seals on the Wyrm's prison have shattered. The sixty-four tribes made war and were consumed. We, too, will be lost and our Father freed. What then?"

Shadow, Heart of Night, said: "This is the way it has always been. All things must pass... even we."

Rainbow, Heart of Stars, said: "We have our Father's eye. It is the seed of rebirth. We will plant it in our Mother's womb. Once freed, Father will consume it along with us. Thru our memory will it grow into a prison."

Shadow: "Let us then remember and birth a new world upon our memories."

Rainbow: "When we have waned, another will rise. It must be."

Great Mother: "I will be born within the seed and seal our Father."

Shadow: "I will drive deep its roots."

Rainbow: "And I its limbs... high overhead."

Great Mother: "Great Time is not an easy catch. We must guard his prison well. I will watch the Present while you two are at rest. I will guard the seals at Dawn and Dusk, at Spring and Fall as well. The Wax and Wane and Growth and Death of All will be my ward. Within my womb you two will live and, in you, all life persist."

Shadow: "I'll guard well the Past to ensure no change be incurred there. I'll watch the Night and Winter well, and guard the Darkmoon and the Dead. I'll bear two sons of Fire and Earth, and to each will bear sixteen tribes."

Rainbow: "I'll Guard the Future and guide its flow so that the prison will grow firm. I'll watch the Day and the Summer time, and keep the Lightmoon and labor the Living. I'll bear two sons of Water and Air, and to each will bear sixteen tribes."

Great Mother: "And of the Fatestar, from which all will form, whose bright heart must give birth to the Wyrm?"

Shadow: "We will quarter it and to our four sons go each a piece to bear. Its blood will run thru the eight and eight tribes, where its bloodline will be contained."

Rainbow: "In a mirror will we seal its heart, over the seal on its master's prison. Across the layers, to each corner, will we cast our children out; where they will not, with ease, wage war anew."

Great Mother: "Time has yawned wide. Our Father is freed. Our work is done. Kiss me, my sisters, and make haste. It is done."

The Fates embraced, merging Past, Present and Future. The Pillar of Light collapsed thru-out the whole of Infinite Space. The master of Past, Present and Future was free. All was consumed, leaving Nothingness Absolute.

Time cannot measure its moment of victory.

In the All-Father's heart lay the Fateseed, from where rang a voice: "So be it."

and it was

and we are

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