The Goddess Fate Picture

The old Grey beard, cleared his throat. " I know I know I set out to Chronicle the events of Duke El'deago's Fall. But it was necessary to give a brief background of his history and the things leading up to his fall, and it will give you somethings to fall back on as the tale of his fall unfolds. As was said as a student El had turned from the God of War "Helm" and had taken on as his chief god, the Goddess Fate. He had at first caught the Goddess interest, as an amusement, that a warrior of a Noble House should turn to a Goddess, that was mostly worshiped by women. She under stood his motives were those of a young man drawn to her by the usual, lust for one of her clerics. But the interest turned from amusement to concern, and then deceit and treachery as she looked into the "Fate" of this young Duke. And in his "Fate" she knew she had found her own salvation. Now rein in your dragons folks everything will become clear as I now move into the true Chronicles of the Fallen Knight."
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