The Nine Worlds: ASGARD Picture

Asgard is a land of the two groups of gods: Áss and Vanir. In first group are Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr, in second, for example Njord, Freya, Freyr.
Both of them weren't too friendly to each other, but they made peace, so they could live in one land.
There's the only one way to go to Asgard- it's a rainbow bridge called Bifrost- it connects world of mortals with world of gods its guardian is the god Heimdallr.
Asgard is the seat of most of the gods. There are three the most beautiful and amazing places which belong to Odin, they are: Glaðsheimr, Valaskjálf and, of course, Valhalla.

Well, when I've been creating this piece I thought it have to be so green. The land where gods live must be very beautiful and unavailable for normal people.
This is my second art based on norse mythology. I hope there will be more. ; ) Of course- nine!



~WolfC-Stock / tree
~NefletStock / beach
~Reeza-Tree-Stock / rock
=little-stock / part of castle
=xNickixstockx / part of castle
~FoxStox / part of castle
=PirateLotus-Stock / gold coins
~gothika-stock / castle gate
~Lorn6-Stock / viking ship
=CausticStock / castle tower
~night-fate-stock / lake
~stormlor / tree
*LucieG-Stock / trunk

~The-strawberry-tree / [link] [link] [link] [link]

Some my stocks, some paintings, the rest from
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