Piece It Together Picture

....you're not supposed to?

2.13. 13

Originally for the recent Thought-Up prompt - I was just going to finish up the lineart the morning of the 10th and submit it with flat colors, but I was too late. Then I figured, what the heck, might as well put it off longer, since it's already too late to be put in the folder, and go all out with it!
Four layers when working on it, three in the final version here with transparency.
The original sketch is overlaid over the colors as shading to give the lineart some more weight. And I really liked the effect.
Really quite stylized. Symbolically important.

Featuring original character LSO, with former wife, sons, and snake.
I could have sworn the snake had a name in mythology. I even found it once. >.< But, whatever. It's not a character.
And anyway, the name isn't important because the only time Loki's original mythology turns up in our canon (as far as I know, at least as far as it affects the major characters) is through Loki's distorted and very biased memories.
Loki doesn't even remember what Sigyn's face looked like, or what her hair color was, or hardly even her personality. Not for sure. Not unless someone forces him to pull back deep into his memories - ones that he would much rather put away.
Hence the generic cloth folds instead of actual real clothing and her eyes being closed.
I would think that he would remember her smile more than anything else. The other parts would be much too painful.


So, the idea behind this:
Loki's "biggest dream" - would be if everything could stay the way it is in the height of their story, without ever having to face more than glimpses of distorted memories of his past. He wants to keep his life with Del and Ari and the rest of the Cousins on mortal earth. He is selfish, sure, and he loves to get his own way, like all gods, but he also knows that he has a narrow loophole in which to amuse himself before his time is up. And he knows exactly what will happen when it is.
Of course, there's probably some part of him that genuinely would rather not go completely insane and kill all the people he loves to start off his end-of-the-world rampage, but, uh, considering his motivations for the latter are equally genuine.... (He'll mean it. He'll want it. He'll have riotous fun with it.)
I'm just going to chalk it up to selfishness of an even more petty kind.

So, his greatest desire is for his struggle to continue as it is now, forever.
But that doesn't mean his past can't hurt him, or that his fate won't affect his actions. He knows what's coming every single second of his life, until it ends.
Hopefully, that future will stay far away.
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