Theatre of Fate Picture

Long ago (somewhere in the last century) I had an album called Theatre of fate (Motley Crue) and I always liked the two masks from the theatre, so I decided to create something related. So I did it. It was a 800x600 image called "Masks in the Theatre of Fate", with three masks instead of two (because of three fates in the greek's mythology). I lost the original Bryce file, but not the will to make another image. Lots of reflections, transparencies and points of light. I rendered five images (5 hours each) and blended them with Photoshop 7. There's also a fractal light and some arabesques made by a friend of mine (I'll post her link soon - promise).

Well... This is it. Hope you liked it.

Made with Bryce, Apophysis and Photoshop.

P.S.: I changed the name back to "Theatre Of Fate", as the original concept.
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