Prologue in Heaven Picture

Another part of my world's mythology and cosmogony.

Sotorn - Fallen Spirit, once one of Elder Titans - mighty beings, close to Maker. Soon after Creation Sotorn had to choose a species which he will guide through the history, but because of his impatience and inconstancy he failed to do that and has only left monsters and abominations after him. Later, together with Elder Titan Phawretey he tried to teach mortals all wisdom of Celestial Grounds, but it ended with a horrible collapse and olny Maker's interference saved the world.

Sotorn, ashamed and angry, left Star Sanctuay and whole Celestial Grounds. He was greatly disappointed in mortals and decided that they are nothing but a failed experiment and must be eliminated. He descended to the material world riding the flaming comet and this time he wanted to destroy life itself, but once again Maker extinguished the hell fire, which Sotorn brought down. But Sotorn still believed that mortals just a useless junk and he was sure that one day he will prove to Star Sanctuary...

The title of the pic was "stolen" from Goete
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