The Choir of Judgment and Fate Picture

The very first image of what started my whole mythology, of my version of the afterlife.
In my mythology, the Choir appears to you whether be before death, a little after death.... or when you just need a lesson to be taught.
Anyways... the choir has this ability to judge you on your life by singing your life. Now the tone of the song all depends, whether or not you're "good" or "bad" to say it fairly crudely, but there is allot more than that.

Like for example, you might have been considerably good, but you were tormented by some tragedy, some trauma.... Well their song will sing to you that portion of your life, and you personally would think that you are being punished, while you listen in agony......

*Update My inspiration first appeared when I was listening to this band named Epica. Mainly this one song that is called "Karma" that is the intro to the second song "Monopoly of Truth" [link]
When ever I heard the Latin part of some of their songs, this mental image appeared in my head.

Can't you just hear, their haunting singing?
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