Cast of Fate Picture

The cast of my manga which I have started recently for the third time. I'm not giving up on these characters. After all... they're so cute. *o*
In case you can't read my handwriting, which is almost definite...
The three girls with full-body pictures are the three main girls in the story, Jennifer Best and her two friends Melanie and Deanna. They grew up together, and since they were all orphans they had nobody to depend on but each other.
In the top corner, the two girls are Monica and her best friend Genevieve. They are the evil foils in the story. Monica has a crazy obsession with Jennifer's fiancé Alex and vows to get Jennifer out of the picture. Of course, she doesn't know that Jennifer would gladly hand Alex over - she despises him. Genevieve is Monica's best friend, only protesting to Monica's behavior by silent protest in her mind.
Carolina and Natalie are the next two on the top, but they don't really have any set purposes other than being supporting characters. I'm thinking maybe Carolina will have some sort of annoying actions but the story is still in the thought process. The two horribly-drawn twin girls with arrows pointing to them that flow back to the word "dead" are Akemi and Imeka, the thread guardians. They rearrange the threads for the Fates. Imeka is supposed to be the evil twin, while Akemi is the good twin... but it's hard to tell the difference between them sometimes with the way they act. Next to Akemi and Imeka, and below that, are sisters Madrina and Sarafina. They too are dead, and they also work for the Fates. They do not rearrange, however. They are to fetch the threads and bring them to the Fates. Madrina often feels like her business-like sister doesn't care about her, but Sarafina just isn't good with expressing herself. It is Madrina who brings Allen's thread to the Fates.
Shoved in there between Sarafina and Deanna is Deanna's love interest, Kyle. He's a little - or a lot - older than her, in his twenties while Deanna is only fifteen. There's not much to say about him. He's kind of a businessman and he's very kind to Deanna.
Then there is a group of random boys for the story, all supporting characters for now, until I tweak them into the plot. We've got Eli, and next to him is the incredibly feminine Riley and the cute boy with a sexy doting sister [not pictured because there was no room], Taylor. Below Eli are Christopher and Jesse.
Shoved in the corner as probably the worst drawings on the page are the three Fates. Urd, the Fate of the Past. Verdandi, the Fate of the Present. Skuld, the Fate of the Future. I took liberties on their outfits and designs and personalities, making them some really cute and fun characters. I destroy Norse mythology. D:
Then finally, last but not least, are the twin boys on the very bottom of the page, Alex and Allen. They are -supposed- to be identical twins but... yeah... So um... now that I've got on about this FOREVER... Yeah I'm done. XD
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