CS Sun Chair Picture

Read the novel here! I'm not a crappy writer, I promise. Was a writer long before i even considered trying to do art: [link]

Originally this started as a size comparison for Raziel and Neri here, the middle image because I haven't established a realistic ratio. Then it had a sorta narrative/ sorta like chapter 13, where they're stuck a pretty substantial distance elsewhere and he has to rely on her to take him back in a somewhat timely manner. Except Neri is much more a fan of the journey and not the destination and Raziel fails pretty hard on that aspect. Then wanted to see if I could tell a short narrative without words just using symbols and facial expressions.

Tis a silly little thing, but I'm pretty happy with it. Short explaination: Raziel (white haired guy) is a commercial exorcist, so he travels around and rids people of their ghost/demon issues,but 9 times out of 10, they're just deceased pets, or something benign wandered in. It's a pretty crappy job and he was demoted to it because of...reasons. Neri- the...red dragon demon thing, is namely just impossible to kill- and is human 90% of the time. She's like this because they lost Raziel's pike escaping.

People who have read the whole thing (chapter 40 of the second book's coming out soon!) know that those descriptions are horrible and indirect
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