moirae - Layer by Layer Picture

Flick though the layer st00f by clicking the next and back buttons ^w^~♥


Layer by layer of [link] , as requested by ~strange-shadow XD Im not sure why, I all my layer by layers are like, the same LOLLLLL

I did the skin, clothes, hair, etc of all three fates and the main girl on different layers, but that would have taken freaking forever, so I lumped them together XD

Oh and I accidentally did the hair on the same layer as the skin when I was doing Clotho XDXDXDD WHOOOPS oh well still came out okay anyway LMAO XD


Oh yeah theres a couple of glitchy bits there. like, 3 steps dont seem to want to fade into each other for some reason, but I dont know why. One thing I di know is that it would take a while to fix it and I cant be bothered XD its not like its actually NOT WORKING LOL XD
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