Yggdrasil-the World Tree Picture

This is Yggdrasil, the World Tree from Norse Mythology. It holds up the nine worlds of the universe.

I made this picture for my mythology teacher because the picture she found for it was crap.

It took me a long while to figure out how I wanted to set it up because there are about a million different ways to look at it. The Scandinavians never made a picture of it.

Made on Microsoft Word.

These are the Realms:

Alfheim-land of the light elves, minor deities
Asgard-land of the more important war-like gods, the Aesir; Valhalla, home to Odin and the honored dead, is located here; the Well of Wyrd, one of the three wells belonging to the Fates, is also here
Vanaheim-land of the less important nature gods, the Vanir

Midgard-Middle Earth, land of humans; is surrounded by Ocean, wherin dwells the serpent Jormungand, one of Loki's children
Jotunheim-land of the Rock and Frost Giants; location of Mimir's Well

Nifleheim-realm of elemental ice; it and Muspelheim were the first two worlds to exist
Helheim-land of the dishonored dead and home of Hel, their keeper; an offshoot of Nifleheim
Svartalfheim/Nidavellir-land of the dark elves/dwarves (there is some confusion as to wheather dark elves and dwarves are the same thing); an offshoot of Nifleheim

Muspelheim-realm of elemental fire; home of the Fire Giants; it and Nifleheim were the first two worlds to exist
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