The Fates Picture

This sculpture commemorates the Fates.

The skeletal fingers in each corner were carved out of soap and although it might be hard to make out, they're holding the golden thread of someone's life force. Tacked behind them is a pair of scissors, readily available when it's time for a thread to be cut.

Also depicted in this scene is the scroll, which determines who lives and dies, and the spindle, which they use to spin the thread of life. Their all-seeing eye (created using charcoal and a natural knot in the wood) is shown as well.

The black fabric serves as a physical representation of the veil between life and death.

Materials: wood, nails, acrylic paint, oil paint, turpenoid, charcoal, fabric, soap, shish kabob sticks, hot glue, wood glue, papyrus, yarn, thread, extra-long satin pins, coffee grounds, scissor charm.

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